Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital

serves a very poor rural population. It is unique in having the oldest and largest community health insurance scheme in the country with over 36,000 members up to 60km from the hospital in 4 surrounding districts. Kisiizi is the only Ugandan hospital chosen for the first wave of the World Health Organisation(WHO) African Partnerships for Patient Safety scheme.

It is currently the leading hospital (of just 5 institutions in Africa) in the WHO Surgical Unit-based Safety research Programme (SUSP) in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University in USA. Kisiizi Hospital is also one of only five worldwide institutions selected by WHO to contribute to research on Universal Health Coverage and Patient Safety and Quality. This work has led to publication by WHO of an initial paper in 2014 and on-going action on implementation. Detais about Kisiizi Hospital can be found here:

The principle researcher, Dr. Ian Spillman, successfully originated, developed and implemented a paediatric in-patient version of Stre@mline in a UK National Health Service child health department in 2003. This system is in use to date.Dr. Ian (MB.BS; MRCP(UK); FRCPCH; DA; DCH; DTM&H) is the Medical Superintendent & Consultant Paediatrician of Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital. He led the team winning first prize for Uganda at the Implementation Academy, 2nd International Conference on Prevention & Infection Control, Geneva, 2013 for a presentation & publication on implementation of the WHOAPPS programme. Previously, he has worked as a Consultant in the UK National Health Service and Senior College Tutor at Royal College of Paediatrics &Child Health supervising all paediatric consultant specialist tutors in UK. He is also a course director for the annual Developing Health Course held in London focusing on health care in resource-poor settings. Details about Dr. Ian can be found at:

UHC-PSQ paper
Kisiizi contributed to the recent World Health Organization publication on Universal Health Coverage and Patient Safety & Quality released at the beginning of 2015. Stre@mline will be able to help implement some of the key principles identified in the paper. UHC-PSQ Learning Lab

Innovation Streams Limited

is the largest I.T. firm in Western Uganda in terms of portfolio. Founded in April,2010 with a vision of building software for health care, Innovation Streams has worked on very many projects in health care for instance;

In 2010,Innovation Streams worked with Health Child Uganda to build a mobile phone application with a web based server-side monitoring system which was used by Village Health Teams(VHTs) to monitor health of new borns (less than five years). The Village Health Teams used the mobile application program installed on their Nokia phones to enter information about the new born children, do basic treatment for simple diseases and call for intermediate help from the referral centers using the mobile phones.
Any danger signs identified in the young born children are recorded and decision made from the referral centers to intervene in real time in the life of the children. Data collected using mobile phones was posted to a remote database for analysis and planning.
The project was piloted in Bushenyi district and is awaiting possible appraisal.

Innovation Streams also worked with Mbarara University of Science and Technology to implement a mobile phone application, an Antenatal Intervention Demand Card and a server side system to monitor health of pregnant mothers. This project was selected among the 77 finalists for the grand award at the saving lives at birth challenge 2011. Details of the project are available at:

Innovation Streams has also successfully implemented accounting solutions for hospitals in Western Uganda including Rugarama hospital, Ruharo Eye Center, Ruharo Hospital and Health Child Uganda.
Innovation Streams has since expanded to serve other markets other than health care. Details of Innovation Streams’ portfolio can be found here:

Bringing together the expertise of the software engineers of Innovation Streams Limited with the Kisiizi Hospital clinical team provides a powerful multi-disciplinary partnership that can impact on patient care and efficiency of healthcare delivery.