Benefits of community health insurance schemes

Publications about benefits of community health insurance

Development of the Kisiizi hospital health insurance scheme: lessons learned and implications for universal health coverage. ( Baine, Kakama and Mugume, 2018)
  • Kisiizi hospital got a stable source of funding and reduced debt burden.
  • Insured members enjoyed benefits; protection against catastrophic health spending, impoverishment, and easy access to quality health care
Impact of community based health insurance on utilization of preventive health services in rural Uganda: a propensity score matching approach (Rukundo, 2018)
  • Enrollment in the scheme increased the probability of using a mosquito net by 26% and deworming by 18% in children under 5 years of age.
Determinants of enrollment and renewing of community-based health insurance in households with under-5 children in rural South-Western Uganda (Nshakira-rukundo, 2019) Implications for policy makers
  • Household’s socioeconomic welfare is strongly associated with community-based health insurance (CBHI) enrollment and renewing decisions in rural Uganda.
  • Social connectivity and access to information also predict household insurance status.
  • It is important to consider community perceptions on health insurance to improve trust in insurance, enrolment, and renewing.
How a Ugandan hospital delivers health insurance through burial groups (The Economist, 2020)
  • The insured are healthier, their finances too
Impact of Community health insurance on childhood stunting. Evidence from rural Uganda. (Nshakira-rukundo, 2020)
One year of a household’s participation in community-based health insurance was associated with a 4.3 percentage point less probability of stunting. Children of two years or less dominated the effect but there were also statistically significant benefits of enrolling in insurance after a child’s birth.


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