What We Do

“We are on a mission to transform the healthcare of an entire continent”

The challenge

Even in the world’s most advanced healthcare systems, streamlining the flow of health data is a massive challenge, complicated by legacy systems and a lack of interoperability. In the developing world, the problem is considerably more acute.

By most estimates, more than 70% of healthcare information in the developing world is still kept on paper. That means data doesn’t get shared between doctors, harmful tests get needlessly duplicated and patient data is less secure. It can even lead to an increase in death.

In Low-Medium-Income-Countries, 1 in 10 hospitalisations results in an adverse event — or a medical error that causes harm — and three percent of these errors cause the patient’s death. Research has shown that half of documented adverse event cases could have been solved or avoided by having a readily available medical record that proactively supported clinical decision making.

14.2 million Africans (Sub-Saharans) are pushed into poverty due to health expenditures. Globally, 100 million people. About 30% of people in Africa have to borrow money or sell their assets to pay for health care. Private medical insurance penetration rate in Africa average 1.76%.

The Solution

Streamline Health Tech Company Limited is an IT company that enables people at the bottom of the pyramid to access quality and affordable healthcare through smart management of healthcare information.

There are three primary elements to the Stre@mline product.
  • The first is Stre@mline Electronic Medical Record (EMR), an electronic patient record and healthcare information system platform that handles clinical, administrative and financial management. Stre@mline EMR covers all aspects of the patient journey aggregating data to facilitate clinical excellence and help hospitals to stop losing important resources like money, drugs, etc.

  • Stre@mline EMR is accessible using any smart device and is built using international standards for clinical data management, complying with HIPAA / HITECH regulations and embedding the principles for digital development endorsed by globally.

  • The second side of the Stre@mline platform is a business intelligence engine powered by artificial intelligence. Called Stre@mline SNAP, this platform anonymises, aggregates and analyses clinical information in order to create early epidemic warnings, locate endemic diseases, improve medical research through the review of prospective and retrospective records, etc. All of this intelligence is delivered through provider-friendly dashboards and data models. Stre@mline SNAP enables real time analysis of medical data enabling managers, researchers and governments to plan accordingly and improve resource targeting.

  • The third side of the Stre@mline platform is a digital insurance platform called Stre@mline Ubuntu that enables communities in Africa to access affordable healthcare and protection from sinking into poverty. We enable communities to access healthcare by scaling the Kisiizi community Health insurance scheme, the largest and most successful community health insurance in Uganda with more than 40,000 beneficiaries over 20 years.

  • A tested model to offer healthcare to communities. We leverage artificial intelligence and actuarial science models to enable hospitals to price their products and manage costs. We then enable communities to save together using Mobile money payments. We facilitate the whole process connecting patients to hospitals, supporting community involvement, transparency and accountability which builds trust.

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