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8 Feb 2012

Idea development: COU Kisiizi Hospital
A previous version of Stre@mline was produced by Dr. Ian Spillman specifically for use in Paediatrics in 1996 and is in use 24 hours a day in an NHS hospital in the UK. This system was developed using Microsoft Access. In 2011 and 2012, COU Kisiizi Hospital implemented an Enterprise Resource Planner Software (ERP) at Kisiizi Hospital. However, this did not cover all aspects of the patient journey and was not used widely.

3 May 2013

Innovation Streams Limited builds prototype called Easy Hospital Care
Innovation Stre@ms Limited deployed accounting solution: Quickbooks at Rugarama Hospital and Ruharo Eye Centre. This is when the challenges in hospitals became evident to the team. The team decided to begin working on building a software that would cover all sections of the hospital. The solution was known as Easy Hospital Care. The solution was launched and was being implemented at Alcomed medical services in Kasese.

11 June 2014

Innovation Streams Limited and COU Kisiizi Hospital form partnership
Prototype design: innovation Streams Limited and COU Kisiizi Hospital form partnership to build a solution building on experiences from both organizations. A multidisciplinary team of clinicians and engineers decide to work together to change the face of health care. COU Kisiizi hospital led the clinical design and Innovation Streams Limited did the technical design. The solution gets some life.


Pilot implementation
In 2015 and 2016: We carried out a pilot implementation at COU Kisiizi in the Outpatient department. of the hospital. We carried out several experiments, learnt a lot and pivoted the software to meet the user’s need. Grant from Uganda National Council for Science and Technology very useful to enable us to carry out the pilot. Results of the pilot study have been published. Find the papers here: JMIR, SpringerLink.

22 March 2017

Stre@mline second pilot site: Rugarama, Acceleration and First Client
Stre@mline wins the Upaccelerate challenge organized by OutBox Hub and funded by UNDP. As a result, the team is given 6 months incubation support and financial support. Key to note is that the business model for Stre@mline is developed. As a result of this, Stre@mline is branded and made ready for the market. Later that year, Kagando hospital becomes the first client to buy Stre@mline.

21 Feb 2018

Refactoring and refining the software, More clients
Because the first version was built on experimentation with lots of build and break, we decide to rebuild the software. We refactor the MVP software to build a stable product; building it using an open source framework: Laravel and putting in features to enable scale basing on our experience with Kagando hospital. In the same year, 2 other hospitals buy the software: St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital in Gulu and Citizens Heart Center purchase Stre@mline for hospital management.

5 April 2019

Preparation for scale
Infrastructure setup: We set up a centralized data management cloud solution for hospitals to access our solution through a dedicated link. Migration: Migration of clients from the former MVP Stre@mline to the new Laravel based software. Marketing: Our marketing program involves running exhibition conferences that clinicians come to learn about Stre@mline. We run exhibition conferences in Western Uganda and Central Uganda with more than 200 participating hospitals. As a result, Hosptals: Mbarara Specialists Medical clinic, Kasese Medical Center, Vine Eye Centre, Hebron Clinic, Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital join the list of clients with many more prospective clients.

1 Aug 2020

Stre@mline signs MOU with UPMB
Stre@mline was endorsed by the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) as a leading Health Management Information System that hospitals can adopt. As a result, 4 hospitals in UPMB including: Rushere in Kiruhura, Ruharo in Mbarara, Ishaka Adventist in Bushenyi and Rugarama in Kabale adopt Stre@mline.

5 April 2019

Stre@mline Health Tech Company is born
Streamline Health Tech Company Limited is born, incorporated as a private limited company in Uganda. Streamline Health Tech Company Limited runs with 3 products: Stre@mline HMIS, Stre@mline SNAP and Stre@mline Ubuntu.

1 Aug 2020

Stre@mline obtains own home in Kampala
To strengthen presence in Kampala and the central region, Stre@mline obtains own home in Kampala.
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