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Health schemes for rural people!



According to the World Health Organisation, 30% of the households in Africa borrow money to pay for healthcare. 15 million people into extreme poverty every single year.An estimated 1.6 million people die due to lack of access to affordable health services.
Majority of the people in Africa belong to at least one group. These are affinity groups (women, savings, investments, burial, work associations, teachers, farmers, etc). 

We use an exclusive provider centric model where groups access health care from hospitals in their locations. We target non-for-profit hospitals, majority faith-based hospitals whom we have aligned mission.

The premiums are affordable for the rural. The daily average wage in the rural locations is $2.  People save $2 every month and this is enough to afford health cover for an average family of 4 at USD 6 per individual. This covers all acute diseases up to a maximum limit of (~USD 570). Beneficiaries pay Co-payments of only 1 dollar for each clinic visit. There are reasonable co-payments for surgeries and procedures.

The entire community-based health scheme life cycle integrated in one package


Manage your health facility with Stre@mline EMR: An integrated Electronic Medical Records platform

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Pool funds together for your healthcare using Stre@mline community mobile application

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Manage your scheme members, premiums, claims and generate numerous reports

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