Stre@mline CHI Pitch at NinjaAcceleratorUg

Over the past years we have seen patients, families struggle to get the best health facilities due to the fact they couldn’t afford the finances. In the end this has really led to a loss of many Ugandan Lives, Selling their personal property such as land, houses and among others.

As stre@mline, we promote community health insurance (CHI), through the Customized EMR (Electronic Medical System - Stre@mline ) and an an app that people use to save up for Healthcare which will enable, organise communities to actively participate in running the formed CHI schemes at different Health Facilities and advocate for the inclusion of CHI schemes in local and national-level systems to enable families enjoy quality health care services without facing financial hardships.

Our focus is in two areas:

  • Improving access to quality health care facilities and services
  • Protecting families from catastrophic health expenditures

Stre@mline was selected among the top 10 Companies to present their ideas at NinjaAcceleratorUg Yesterday, as Stre@mline we believe that “no one should die because they can't afford healthcare, and neither should patients sell their assets to access the same."

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