Stre@mline to benefit from incubation support by Villgro Kenya

Villgro Kenya and Innovation Streams Limited have entered an incubation agreement that will allow Stre@mline to tap into the expertise of Villgro Kenya. Villgro Kenya incubates health based innovators with the potential to provide significant benefits to people at the economic base of the pyramid and the marginalised populations.

Some of the services that Villgro Kenya will provide include:
  1. Mentorship – Villgro's team of advisors and mentors will work with Stre@mline towards realisation and execution of a solid business model.
  2. Networking – Villgro will create linkages in the ecosystem that enable Stre@mline to succeed
  3. Access to downstream investors
  4. Product development
  5. Identifying financial needs and funding strategy for the Business.
We are excited about this partnership and we know this will be the beginning of greater things.

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