Team hack-athons ensure continuous innovation and exceptional customer support
At Stre@mline Health, there are values that we hold highly. These are:
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Focus on the Bottom of the Pyramid
In every quarter of the year, we hold a hackathon where our teams meet to innovate and come up with new ways to reinforce our values. Our hackathons last 3 days and all our staff pause their daily routines to reflect and come up with better ways to serve our customers. Our first hackathon of the year 2021 took place on Thursday 29th April, 2021 to Sunday 2nd May, 2021. Three teams participated. Team Kwagalana: Sam O, Harission K, Earnest B: An integrated ticketing tool to make client support for Stre@mline more seamless so that clients can get exceptional customer support from one place and have feedback in real time. Team Clifeed: Deo M, Godwin K, Elijah R, Lilian N: A mobile phone application to provide exceptional customer support by collecting client feedback and progress reports on tasks. The A-Team: Martin G., Bright N. Douglas K: A prediction model for preeclampsia that will be embedded in stre@mline to prevent maternal deaths caused by the deadline disease. The Hobbits: Benjamin K, May M, Anitah A: A web application to stre@mline human resource communication and feedback at istreams by allowing timely feedback on tasks and rewards based on performance. The winners were: Team Kwagalana: Awarded UGX 1,000,000 The A-Team: Awarded UGX 750,000 All teams did well and we hope to have the projects' implementation continue. Hack-athons are a great way to ideate and reflect on how to continuously improve.

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