Stre@mline implementation at Hebron Medical Clinic
Hebron Medical Clinic in Kisasi, Kampala has adopted Stre@mline for its hospital and patient management. Some of the challenges that Hebron Medical Clinic has been experiencing include:
  1. Reliance on paper system: The clinic uses paper and pen to document patient files. This is tedious. Paper gets lots. Searching for a patient record in paper files is like searching for a needle on a haystack. Stre@mline makes it possible to capture key patient information in an electronic format. It is important to note that Stre@mline is not a full Electronic Medical Record as this is not practical in most resource poor settings but rather Stre@mline captures key important medical information throughout the patient journey.
  2. Difficulty in tracking drugs:
  3. Tracking laboratory findings
  4. Difficulty in following up of patients

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