Stre@mline shift to new Laravel Version
Our team has been working tirelessly to build a new version for Stre@mline. The first version which served as our Minimum Viable Problem (MVP) was built in the years 2014-2017. It helped us to quickly build the customer requirements much faster with the aim of the validating the user requirements. Now that the user requirements are validated, we decided to embark on building a new stable version. The new stable version is built based on PhP/Laravel framework. This is an open source framework that is hugely supported all over the world and is in use in more than 160 countries. A comparison between Laravel and other frameworks such as Django can be found here. With this new version, users can expect a robust system, better interface design and quicker support. Our choice for an open source framework was based on standardisation and the ability to get more developers to contribute to the project. Should Stre@mline be made open source???

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